Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Ferrari P4/5 Competizione

Exterior and Interior Details
While there aren’t any interior details as of yet, we can imagine that it’s going to be quite sparse. This is a racing car of sorts so don’t expect leather seats and all the luxurious amenities that come in certain sports cars. We think the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione will have racing seats with harnesses and a technologically laden gauge cluster. Air conditioning probably won’t be included and the same can be said of a navigation system. As for an interior color choice, black will be everywhere.
The exterior of the Ferrari is pure racing car. It will sit very low to ground and feature a massive silver rear spoiler for optimum downforce. The car’s creator, Jim Glickenhaus, chose to base the Competizione model on the combination of the F430 underpinnings, using the 430 Scuderia’s chassis and the F430 GT2’s drivetrain to keep it up to speed with the competition.
The front fascia features a square air intake with triangular headlights. A massive black front lip spoiler wraps around the vehicle, running all the way back to the wheel arches. The rear of the car is classic F40, with a black mesh looking rear and two massive exhaust outlets. There is a huge rear diffuser that looks as if it came from one of Ferrari’s Formula One cars.
Other exterior features include aerodynamic kits, air intakes on the hood, doors and rear of the car, and a fighter jet looking black glass cockpit, though we imagine the actual car’s windows won’t be that dark for safety reasons.

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